How does this work?​​
If there is a particular character that you would like to see made into a custom action figure, please fill out this form. Please be as specific as possible: tell me  which version of the character you would like, particular costume, accessories, etc. I will review your inquiry, do some quick research on the character/person, email you with any questions I may have, and give you a timeline/quote. If everything is agreeable, I will invoice you via PayPal for the cost of the figure, plus shipping.Please provide a timeline in the "Message" section of the form below if the figure is meant to be a gift.

How much does a custom figure cost?
Taking into consideration the materials, projected completion time, and complexity of the project, I will come up with a quote that I believe is fair.I will order supplies once payment is cleared.

What happens next?
I will keep you updated with emails, photos, and any questions I may have during the creation process to make sure you are ultimately happy with the finished product.  Once the figure is completed and approved by you, I will ship it and provide you with an estimated arrival date and tracking number.


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